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20 feb - 3 mar - AVAILABLE

Cactus Ink tattoo courses were created out of Dragoș’s desire to contribute to the training of the new generation of tattoo artists, and in recent years, hundreds of people who are attracted to the art of tattooing or want to become better artists, have attended Cactus Ink courses for beginners. The course is actually a process of growth and development as an artist and as a person, so anyone can sign up.

The classes cover everything you need to know to start a new career, from essential hygiene and safety rules to lining, color packing, color blending and graywash shading techniques. Plus lots of practical exercises, tips and tricks for dealing with clients, new projects and unexpected situations (including getting great feedback). Some of our former students are now working in the Cactus Ink studio, while others are exhibiting their artwork in other parts of the country and the world.

We want to show you that tattoos can offer a dynamic and rewarding lifestyle, but that being a tattoo artist also means juggling responsibilities and quick decisions. Take your curiosity, courage and passion to a new level!


What will I learn at the Cactus Ink courses?

We will begin with the essentials – hygene rules, how to set up your working table, everything you need to know about the tattoo machines and necessary materials; we will continue by preparing the tattoo model and learn how to apply it on the body, as well as how to work with the stencil.
The course also covers basic, essential notions about contouring lines, color filling, shading and fine gradient techniques, as well as introductory information about color tattoos and dotwork.


What will I do at the course?

The Cactus Ink course focuses on practical experiences. Our goal is to offer trainees as much working experience as possible, which is why you will tattoo on artificial skin from the very first day. On the second week of the course you will already have the chance to work on real skin, thanks to volunteers and under your trainers’ guidance. Each trainee will work on two real tattoos and, so, begin their portfolio.


Do I need experience or certain skills?

No. The course is created for people who have already tested a tattoo machine as well as for those who’ve never had a tattoo experience. You can also join if you already work as an artist but wish to perfectionate your techniques or diversif your skills. Either way, you should always bring your enthusiasm and desire to work. The rest can be learned.


What criteria should I meet to register?

You need proof of primary school (10 grades in Romania or the equivalent), a
creative mind, enthusiasm, patience and passion for tattoos.


Do I need to bring my machine or accessories?

Cactus Ink will provide everything you need to start working – from a tattoo machine to napkins. But if you already have a machine, of course you can bring it.


Are the courses certified?

Yes, the Cactus Ink courses are certified in the EU. This means you can work in any EU country as a long-term of guest artist.


Who are the trainers?

Dragos Calmuc and Madalina will help you navigate this field and will provide all information needed, plus some tips&trick from their experience with clients.

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