Questions about appointments

If you wish to get inked, you can contact us on Whatsapp, at +40756222880.

The message should contain some info about your idea, the size and the body area for your new tattoo. We have to know if you wish it to be in black&gray or color or if it’s a cover-up. If you have some photos that could better guide us, please send them on Whatsapp.

Covering old tattoos is a complex and sometimes difficult process. The state of you tattoo, its age, and the quantity of black pigment used influence the chances of a high-quality cover up. Send us some photos of the tattoo you wish to cover and our artists will evaluate if the process can be successful or not.

Yes. And if you are between 16 and 18 years old, you can get a tattoo with us only in the presence of one of your parents or of a legal tutor, who will be required to sign a parental consent.

The waiting time differs from one artist to another and depends on his/her calendar availability. However, we will inform you about the waiting time before we confirm the appointment. This way, both you and the artist can be prepared.

The prices differ and depend on the size and the complexity of each project. Send us your ideas and some guiding photos and we will tell you a price range. It will be confirmed with you before scheduling the appointment.

Sure. You can offer Cactus Ink gift cards worth of RON 200, 500, 700 or 1,000.

About the tattooing process and model

We encourage you to take a look at our artists’ portfolios, each of them with a different tattooing style and approach. If you can’t decide or don’t know whom your idea would fit, we will recommend someone when you write to us. If you already prefer someone, it’s super easy to schedule and appointment. Please note that each artist has a waiting list that differ.

In order to obtain the best and suitable project for you, the first part of the day of your appointment is reserved for creating the model. This way, the artist’s ideas and proposals can be better communicated with you, and you can see in real-time how the projects takes shape. Please note that Cactus Ink artists do not send projects before the day of the scheduled appointment.

Each person is unique and so we want the tattoos we create for you to be. That is why our artists do not copy or reproduce other works, either created by them or by other tattooers. We provoke you to trust our creativity sources and our working process and you will get an original project which truly represents you.

We start from your ideas and always come up with something new, outside the box. But if there are situations in which you don’t like the projects or some of ist elements, kindly and openly communicate this to your artist. It is one reason why we do the projects on the day of the appointment and don’t start tattooing unless you are 100% happy with the proposal.

There are several elements influencing the price of a tattoo, like its size, its position on the body, the time needed to finish it and if it’s black&gray or color. We will give you a price range before confirming your appointment.

How to get ready fort he tattoo session

Start applying a hydrating cream on the body area we are to work on a few days in advance. It is super important to sleep well, to eat a healthy and consistent breakfast and to hydrate super well before your appointment. We recommend to begin this process a few days in advance and on the day of the appointment. This way, your body will be better prepared to support the tattooing and the healing processes.

Don’t use the tanning bed or go to the beach/ pool three of four days in advance.

Don’t drink alcohol the day before.

Don’t drink too much coffee or energizers a day before (one is enough).

Don’t go to the club or parties which could tire you up or dehydrate you/

Please be aware that people who show signs of alcohol or illigal substances consumptions will not be allowed inside the studio, even if they have an appointment.

Like for all other important occassions in your life, there’s a dress code for a tattoo appointment. Wear something light, loose, comfortable and casual clothes which will allow your body to relax and better stand the process and the after-process.

Also, don’t wear your best clothes, your white sneakers or a favourite t-shirt because they can get stained. 

In the first part of the session is reserved for creating your project. Once you agree on the final model with the artist, they will apply a tattoo stencil on your skin. It must dry before they start working. You will take breaks at any time needed and, most importantly, a lunch break.

At the end, the artist will give you some advice on how to take care of your tattoo and recover after the session. You will need to get some rest, hydrate, eat a little bit healthier and avoid tight clothes.

How to take care of your tattoo

If the artist applied a Second Skin protection over your tattoo, we recommend to keep it on for four days. During this time you can, of course, take showers but not baths at home or in the pool, not use the sauna or make effort that would make you sweat. 

After these four days you can remove the Second Skin. Don’t worry about the surplus of ink or lymph accumulated under, as it is your body’s natural reaction.

Once the foil is removed, you must clean your tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm water to remove the excess of ink and any foreign matter from the unhealed skin. Apply a thin layer of the Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm for healing on the clean for a period of 10-14 day. Repeat the cleaning and hydrating steps at least 3-4 times a day. This ist he only way for a correct and healthy healing process that would protect your skin and your tattoo. 

Don’t wear thight clothes. If the freshly tattooed skin is not allowed to breath because of the clothes or a thick layer of healing cream, this area could develop small fat, sebum or lymph bumps. This could affect the ink under your skin and the whole tatttoo. 

Don’t expose your tattoo to sun immediately after the session and ever after. Avoid sun exposure completely or always use a protection cream over your tattoo. Yes, even in Winter, if needed.

Use a special hydrating cream for tattoos protection, such as the Sorry Mom lotion.

About the courses

We will begin with the essentials – hygene rules, how to set up your working table, everything you need to know about the tattoo machines and necessary materials; we will continue by preparing the tattoo model and learn how to apply it on the body, as well as how to work with the stencil. 

The course also covers basic, essential notions about contouring lines, color filling, shading and fine gradient techniques, as well as introductory information about color tattoos and dotwork.

The Cactus Ink course focuses on practical experiences. Our goal ist o offer trainees as much working experience as possible, which is why you will tattoo on artificial skin from the very first day. On the second week of the course you will already have the chance to work on real skin, thanks to volunteers and under your trainers’ guidance. Each trainee will work on two real tattoos and, so, begin their portfolio.

No. The course is created for people who have already tested a tattoo machine as well as for those who’ve never had a tattoo experience. You can also join if you already work as an artist but wish to perfectionate your techniques or diversifyyour skills. Either way, you should always bring your enthusiasm and desire to work. The rest can be learned.

You need proof of primary school (10 grades in Romania or the equivalent), a creative mind, enthusiasm, patience and passion for tattoos.

Cactus Ink will provide everything you need to start working – from a tattoo machine to napkins. But if you already have a machine, of course you can bring it.

Yes, the Cactus Ink courses are certified in the EU. This means you can work in any EU country as a long-term of guest artist.

Dragos Calmuc and Madalina will help you navigate this field and will provide all information needed, plus some tips&trick from their experience with clients.