about us


our vision

Cactus Ink Studio is located in Bucharest, Romania is where your stories, dreams and aspirations are transformed into one of the most personal art forms, tattoos. When we founded the salon, we looked for inspiration in nature’s ability to adapt, to be reborn and to take ever different and surprising forms.

how it started?

Since 2018, Dragoș Calmuc brings together some of the most relevant tattoo artists in Romania, with different styles and perspectives, but always with the same goal, that of helping you tell your story and express yourself with a personalized tattoo, always surprisingly, never the same.

Each artist in the studio specializes in a style that you can choose to turn your idea into reality, from realism, minimalism, fine-line to abstract, geometric, old school, black&gray or color tattoos. You decide, we create.

our mission

We are on a mission to become better artists, connect with people and reshape the way tattoos are perceived in society. We pride ourselves on the fact that our art is in constant motion and you can see it displayed all over the world, proving that tattoos are bold, unexpected, yet beautiful and dynamic, just like nature in constant motion.